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Please do get involved and submit your comments, feedback and questions. We really do want to hear from you.

We will try and answer as many as we can during the live session, any unanswered questions will be followed up by the team instantly after the event finishes.

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    Our webcasting website has been 100% designed and created in house and we’re very proud of its success, taking nearly a year to complete it has been built purely on our clients’ needs and feedback.

    The website is secure and fully customisable to match your corporate branding offering many interactive features we’ve included free for example; ask a question, voting and video on demand.

    We can help with as much or as little of the production as needed, whether you require single camera coverage of your event, or a multi-camera set-up with vision mixing, we can supply the right equipment with a highly experienced crew.

    Introduction and welcome chaired by Prof. Birkket

    Session 1 will be hosted by Mr Chas Hodges exploring future digital trends

    Session 2 will be hosted by Mr Nick Brown exploring global trends in the market

    Please do get involved and submit questions to our live panel using the “Ask a Questions” or “Chat Room”

    Find remarks hosted by Prof. Birkket

    Dr John Birkett

    CEO Your Company Ltd. UK

    Prof Mark Argent

    Royal College London, UK

    Nicholas Brown

    Global Brand Ambassador

    Charles Hodges

    Another Company PLC

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